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I/We, as property owners, authorise Comprendé to act as our agent, and to manage the described property on the terms and conditions set out below:

1. Comprendé is proud of the service we provide, and we do not believe in forcing you into a long-term contract. Therefore, either party may terminate this agreement in writing, providing seven days' notice.

2. Collect all rent owing from tenants and deposit into the owner's nominated bank account on the frequency advised. 

3. Pay all bond money collected, being four week's rent, within the required timeframe to Tenancy Services on the owner's behalf.

4. Provide the owner(s) with a monthly statement of all transactions on account.

5. Carry out quarterly inspections of the property to ensure the tenant is complying with the rules of the tenancy agreement. The owner(s) will be supplied with an inspection report that identifies any maintenance or tenant issues and outlines proposed solutions and recommendations. 

6. Discuss market rents with the owner(s) on an annual basis and agree on a pricing strategy.

7. Advertise the property for re-let on approved websites. The advertising fee for each new tenancy is $90.00 + GST. 

8. Where necessary, Comprendé will apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for any tenancy breach in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act 1986. The application cost of $20.44 will be paid from the owner's rental income, but will be reimbursed by the tenant if successful. 

9. Comprendé does not allow tenants to smoke in the premises, and this is documented in every tenancy agreement. Failure to comply is a breach of the tenancy.

10. Comprendé will notify Tenancy Services that the bond may be released once a tenant vacates the property, providing the property is left in a "reasonably clean and tidy condition," and that no damages are found at the property that fall outside "general wear and tear," in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act 1986. Where the property is not found to be described as above, we will endeavor to collect all costs incurred to remedy by deducting the amount from the tenant's bond, and/or an application will be made to the Tenancy Tribunal seeking damages. 

11. Comprendé is not liable for any damages incurred to the property which are caused by the tenant, or for money owing by the tenant for rent unpaid or damages caused to the property, or for any payment penalties incurred for the late payment of supplier invoices due to insufficient funds available on the owner's rental account held with Comprendé.

12. Comprendé is entitled to review any management fees for services by giving one month's notice in writing. 

13. Comprendé is entitled to deduct our fees for service, and be reimbursed for any monies expended from the owner's account. Where no money is held, the owner agrees to reimburse Comprendé within ten days of receiving a written request.

14. I/We, as owners, acknowledge that this authority is subject to the Residential Tenancy Act 1986 and any other legislation passed by government affecting residential tenancy law.

a. A flat rate of 8% of all monies collected.
b. A flat rate of $90.00 per tenancy for advertising.
c. $20.00 for credit checks on each prospective tenant.
d. $35.00 for each periodic inspection.
e. $87.00 annually for inspection & certification of smoke detectors.

Please note: all fees are exclusive of GST.
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